Saturday, July 25, 2009

Momo Paradise at Bandar Menjalara

On 08.07.2009 (Wednesday), Winnie, CK and I went to try this new Shabu-Shabu buffet - Momo Paradise at Bandar Menjalara.

The signboard

Adult=RM25, Children=RM12.50; no tax; drinks is free flow

Cute fat 招财猫

The environment is nice and clean

Food on conveyor belt for you to pick

Individual pot for shabu-shabu

There are many different kind of sauces for you to choose

We took many food on our table

They were too stingy, they only give the plates of pork according to headcounts. The chef is so skillful, he is able to cut very thin pork slice. Photobucket

This is what I have cooked

Photobucket After 2 hours, our stomach has been filled up. This is a new restaurant, so the environment is clean and tidy. The renovation is very outstanding from outside to inside (if not, we also won't attracted by it). The customer service is good and the waiters always make sure they have clean up the empty plates. The food range is just normal such as fish ball, prawn ball, crab ball, crab stick, seafood, vegetables, kimchi, mushroom and etc. There were only one fish ball in one plate. We think that some of the food is not so fresh. If compare with the Shabu-Shabu at Puchong, I think I will rather pay toll and higher price for better quality food. Anyway, I think this kind of restaurant still kinda new concept for Malaysian and it's good to give a try. Photobucket


sock peng said...

good service
good food
price also reasonable

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng:The renovation is great :)

Raymand said...

Almost all the food are processing food which full with preservatives and colouring. I will prefer seafood rather then processing food. I found that the conveyor have a lot of white powder, don't know have poison or not. Sure we have taken some when we take the food. Now a day, when I go to Shabu-shabu restaurant or sushi restaurant with the conveyor, I will check the conveyor have white powders or not. If yes, I will not take any food from that restaurant. Even thought the white powder doesn’t have poison. I found other Shaubu-shabu restaurant at jalan Kepong same row with Public Bank. They serve a lot of non processing food and most of then are seafood and I didn't found any white powder at the conveyor.

Yih Yann said...

@Raymond:Thats why I won't recommend to my frens to eat at tis shop. I will go check it out about the shop u mentioned :)

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