Monday, December 29, 2008

X'mas Eve Celebration 2008

This year X'mas eve, we have our celebration ate at T.G.I. Friday's at Live Center, KL and party at Poppy Garden in Jalan P. Ramlee. We have budgeted dinner and two persons shared a 3 course meal but I think the portion is slightly smaller than the usual one and the price also more expensive. After a full dinner, we walked to Poppy Garden to party.

Melanie, Berry & Me standing outside the Poppy Garden

Our new friend-JC

We sit beside the swimming pool that full of balloons

Fenella, Irene, Berry & Me

Add in Melanie

Eamon plus two pretty girls

Me & Fenella, what is Eamon looking at?

Okla...I take picture with you la, Eamon

The club was so crowded, everyone was having fun.

When I reached home only I realized I have many scratches on my arm, I think is from Melanie's bracelet. My skin is so sensitive, even just a small scratches also will take longer time to recover.

This is the most serious one


sock peng said...

Happy new Year 2009

Lulu said...

hoiyo~lenglui! so sexy....

Happy New Year!

Yih Yann said...

Sexy got is need to pay see my hand la :(

Winnie's Blog said...

Every day use some very mild salt water to wash your scar and let it recover faster.

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