Monday, October 27, 2008

Movie Review


Release Date : 9 October 2008--->Watch on 27 October 2008 (Sunday), 4.30pm at GSC, Mid Valley (because I have free birthday treat from GSC
Language : Thai
Classification : 18SG
Running Time : 1 hour 30 minutes
Director : Prachya Pinkaew
Cast : Yanin Vismitananda, Ammara Siripong, Hiroshi Abe

My Penny of View : This is the first time I watch a movie with majority of Malay. Overall, the story line of the movie is very ordinary but the fighting scene is very exciting. Zen is a girl who has Down Syndrome and her mother is girlfriend of Thai gangster. Zen is a very quite girl (due to Down Syndrome), her observation and listening skill is very good. Then it make her fighting skill become very good. Her mom is terribly sick and she needs money to pay for the medication. Her friend brings her to find those people who owe her mother money in order they can gather money to heal her mother. In the end, the mother is killed by the Thai gangster and Zen manage to revenge for her mother. This movie involve many fighting scene and quite cruel. This young girl-Zen (Yanin Vismitananda) is 24 years old and her kicking really good. In the end of the movie, they shows the making of the movie. I can't believe that the Thai people casting the fighting movie without the safety precautions. They never put mattress below the building when they fall down. Then the cast really hurt badly and even admitted into hospital. It really big difference with Jackie Chan movie (although Jackie also hurt badly in every fighting movie). Conclusion, this movie is quite interesting to watch but not worth for RM11, luckily my ticket is FOC.

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