Monday, June 4, 2012

Churp Churp & Nuffnang Screening-Piranha 3DD

Thanks to Churp Churp and Nuffnang for free tickets.


Release Date: 31 May 2012--->Watch on 30 May 2012 (Wednesday), 9pm at TGV, Sunway Pyramid
Language: English
Subtitle: Malay / Chinese
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Running Time: 1 Hour 21 Minutes
Director: John Gulager
Cast: Adrian Martinez

My Penny of View : Maddy returned home for summer holiday. Her step father, Chet planned to reopen the water park and name it as "Big Wet". Maddy met her close friends, Ashley and Shelby during the party at night. While Shelby and boyfriend were swimming nakedly in the lake, something bitten Shelby and went into her vagina. One the other hand, while Ashley and boyfriend were having sex in a van, they accidentally tripped the handbrake and the van went into the lake. Under panic condition, they couldn't find way out and a bunch of piranha attacked both of them. What happen? Will it be another piranha attack?

This movie is combination of Scary Movie, Final Destination and Baywatch. You still will be terrified by the piranha because they are fast and always hungry. The left over bodies are horrible and disgusting but most of the scenes became horror-comedy. Some jokes are lame and it keep using women boobs as topic. Don't recommend to watch in cinema but can download to watch during free time. Guess what? Piranha undergoing revolution, they can leave water and walk on the ground which means it will going to have the next movie if there is any investor.

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