Friday, January 27, 2012

Movie Review-The Great Magician(大魔术师)


Release Date: 12 January 2012--->Watch on 25 January 2012 (Wednesday), 2pm at GSC, Tropicana City Mall
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action / Thriller
Running Time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Director: Derek Yee Tung-Sing
Cast: Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Lau Ching Wan, Zhou Xun, Yanni

My Penny of View : Zhang Xian appeared in town as a powerful and mysterious magician. He took over a restaurant and turned into a magic theater. While Lee Da Niu was a warlord that have seven wives. He wanted to use Zhang Xian to win his seventh wife, Liu Yin's heart. Actually Zhang Xian was Liu Yin's fiance that has been missing for three years. The return of Zhang Xian was full with motives-to defeat Lee Da Niu. Through the process, Zhang Xian discovered that Lee Da Niu has a good heart and made him change his mind. What will happen next? Who will be the choice of Liu Yin?

I totally have no idea about the story line before I step into the cinema. The only thing I know is I can see great casts like Tony Leung, Lau Ching Wan and Zhou Xun in this movie. Besides, special guests such as Alex Fong, Daniel Wu, Tsui Hark, Paul Chun and Vincent Kok enlighten the movie. Great casts and director but the story line only consider good. It started well with mysterious background and interesting magic tricks but it has an inexplicable ending. I think it kinda waste the resources of such talented casts. Overall, it is a fun and entertaining movie. It has the mixture of comedy, action and romance.

Rating :


Jocelyn Lum said...

I watched this show,super funny!

Yih Yann said...

@Jocelyn Lum: Quite out of expectations from two great actors.

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