Thursday, December 1, 2011

Churp Churp Screening-The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Thanks to Churp Churp for the movie screening.


Release Date : 24 November 2011--->Watch on 23 November 2011 (Wednesday), 9.15pm at Cathay, e@Curve
Language : English
Subtitle : Malay / Chinese
Genre : Thriller / Fantasy / Romance
Running Time : 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Director : Bill Condon
Cast : Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner

My Penny of View : Twilight series continued with graduation of Bella and followed by her wedding, as the only condition to become vampire. Jacob was upset with the wedding but finally he attended the wedding. He got to know Bella and Edward have plan to complete their marriage during honeymoon. He felt mad and he wanted to attacked Edward but stopped by his wolf pack. Later, Bella and Edward went for their honeymoon on a private island. They had sex for the first time but Edward realized he was hurting Bella badly and he stopped do that again. Bella felt disappointment but later Edward gave up on her seductions. After two weeks on the island, Bella found out she was pregnant and the fetus was growing extremely fast in her stomach. They quickly terminated the honeymoon and went back to Forks. What exactly is Bella carrying? What will happen to her?

It seems like a trend to has two parts for series of movies. I guess the production team and the writer are trying to show as many story plots as possible according to the book. Expectations for this movie-the wedding, Edward has sex with Bella and give birth.

The wedding is so beautiful and lovely. I don't think Kristen Stewart is pretty but the light make up highlights the her natural beauty. For hair, the messy style looks stunning. Her dress is designed by Carolina Herrera. It looks simple from the front but sexy and it has beautiful lace details on the back. The shoes called Swan Embellished Satin Pumps that make her appearance perfect. Next is the wedding theme. It has white flowers hanging with wooden chairs at both sides of the entrance. Everything looks simple and natural. Everything is flawless with Edward as the bridegroom.


Sex scene has been censored in Malaysia cinema. So, no chance to see how powerful is the sex between vampire and human. The last scene to look forward is the delivery baby but it has been censored as well. End up baby suddenly appear in the arm of Rosalie and Bella suddenly die. If those people didn't read the book, they will have a lot of questions in mind. The scene that Bella turn into vampire quite hilarious. In order to become stunning without and collagen or botox, become vampire can have such results. Anyway, it still a great movie to me and I shall wait for the full HD version. I can't wait to see the second part.

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FiSh said...

i wish the movie to be better T_T it disappoints a twilight fans like me


Yih Yann said...

@FiSh: I think if the full version will be more satisfied ;)

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