Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Star Screening-Abduction

Special thanks to Daniel for free tickets.


Release Date : 22 September 2011--->Watch on 22 September 2011 (Thursday), 9pm at GSC, One Utama
Language : English
Subtitle : English / Malay / Chinese
Genre : Action / Thriller
Running Time : 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Director : John Singleton
Cast : Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello

My Penny of View : Nathan was a high school teenage that always find something missing between him and his parents. He has crush on his neighbor, Karen but he not dare to make any further action. In a school project, Nathan and Karen found a childhood picture of Nathan on a missing persons website. Later, Nathan found evidences shows the display picture was genuine. When he wanted to confront with his parents, two guys showed up and tired to catch Nathan. The parents were killed to protect Nathan. Karen saw the whole incident and she have to go on run with Nathan. Who exactly Nathan's parents? Why the people try to catch Nathan? Will Nathan be safe from the bad guys?

One word for this movie-CHEATED. Again the trailer was very successful to attract attention with Taylor Lautner as the lead actor in the movie. The story seems interesting in the beginning because of curiosity, try to understand what's going on and who are those people after Nathan. In between, there were hide and seek game between Nathan and bad guys but still Nathan successfully escape. The most exciting part was the baseball game with thousand of audiences in the stadium. Although Taylor Lautner has muscular sexy body but his acting was messy and incompetent. He still so Jacob Black to me. I really hope he can improve in acting because you can't keep depending on your body. People is looking for excitement and thrilling movie.

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