Sunday, August 14, 2011

Churp Churp Screening-Cowboys and Aliens

Thanks to Churp Churp for the screening.


Release Date : 11 August 2011--->Watch on 10 August 2011 (Wednesday), 9.30pm at TGV, KLCC
Language : English
Subtitle : English / Chinese
Genre : Action
Running Time : 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Director : Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde
Cast : Jon Favreau

My Penny of View : In the middle of desert, Jake awaken with no memory and a strange metal band on his wrist. He met a few men that tried to arrest him and he fought back. Then, he took their outfits and weapon to a small town. When he arrived at the small town, he found a house to treat his wound. Later, Percy, a local bully that have an influential father was messing around with his gun. The sheriff arrested Percy and he recognized Jake was a wanted outlaw. Subsequently he arrested both of them and wanted to send them to the state office. Percy's father, Colonel Woodrow came and demanded for his son. During standoff, suddenly a few unknown flying objects flew towards the small town and attacked them. The flying objects even caught people of the town. The attack stopped when Jake used the strange metal band on his wrist to shoot down the flying objects. What are the things that attack the town? What is the purpose the flying objects catch the human?

First of all, I totally no idea how cowboys and aliens related to each other. If cowboys fight with aliens, I don't think they able to defeat the fast, cruel aliens. The aliens even have advance technology as they are from different planet.(According to another alien's movie) What kind of weapons that cowboys has? Only ropes, guns, horse and they can fight.(But not with aliens) The beginning of the movie did create curiosity of what are the things that attack the town but as usual, the scene has been shown in the trailer million times. Therefore, not so much of surprise. The only scene that out of expectation was Olivia Wilde actually was an alien too from another planet. (So many aliens!) Well, the aliens came to earth for a purpose. In the end, who won the battle? If you curious about the ending, you have to watch it yourself.

Olivia Wilde is hot. She seems like a mixture of Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman

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Cowboys and Aliens 2011 said...

Thanks for sharing regarding the film. Last night, saw some of scene for this film. the movie seems to be great one and have great expectation with it..I wish that I watch it very soon :-)

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