Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cari Screening-Larry Crowne

Thanks to Cari for the screening.


Release Date : 14 July 2011--->Watch on 13 July 2011 (Wednesday), 9pm at TGV, Sunway Pyramid
Language : English
Genre : Comedy / Romance
Running Time : 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Director : Tom Hanks
Cast : Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts

My Penny of View : Larry Crowne was a middle-aged worker of a market. He was one of the top performer and loyal worker. Due to his education level, he was unable to move on to higher level no matter how outstanding was his performance and later he got fire. Besides, Larry almost lost his house. His neighbor advised him to further studies in a local community college in order he could get a better job in future. In college, Larry easily blended with young classmates, he bought a scooter to join the scooter club and he found a kitchen job. Larry's teacher, Ms Tainot was an unhappy married women. When both of them started to know each other, Larry fell in love with her. Will their relationship work?

This romantic comedy film has been directed and written by Tom Hanks. The story is quite inspiring. It was about a man who goes through a sudden career change and he found unexpected consequences from his failure. The right and positive attitude is indeed when obstacles occurred. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are great actors. Both of them have the charisma and influence especially in inspiring story. They have the soft and relaxing chemistry. As an audience, you just need to follow the flow of the movie and not a complicated story.

Rating :

I won this..wao


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