Friday, May 14, 2010

Advertlets Screening-A Nightmare on Elm Street

Thanks to Advertlets and Ellie Chee for free movie.


Release Date : 13 May 2010--->Watch on 11 May 2010 (Tuesday), 9.30pm at GSC, Midvalley
Language : English
Genre : Horror
Running Time : 1 hour 36 minutes
Director : Samuel Bayer
Cast : Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara

My Penny of View : Story began with Dean who sat in a cafe who didn't sleep for continuous hours. His girlfriend, Kris came into the cafe and wanted to talk to Dean about what is going on. While they was talking, Dean spilt coffee on Kris and she went to washroom to clean up. Suddenly Dean fell asleep and he met a guy covered in burn scars who was wearing a red and green sweater, and a clawed glove on his hand. The burned man haunted Dean and made him afraid to sleep. Then the man cut Dean's throat in the dream but in reality Dean cut himself. Nancy, the waitress saw the whole incident and Kris was so sad for Dean's death. On Dean's funeral, Kris saw a little girl who happened actually she was herself when she was little. Then she saw a picture of Dean with her but in her memory, she didn't meet Dean before high school. Ever since, Kris had nightmare of the same burned man and she can feel that the man was threatening her life because she saw what happened to Dean. "You die in dream and you die for real." Then Kris also died when she was sleeping. The killing seems like continuous among these kids. How to stop it? Why is the burned man want to kill the kids?

This movie is a remake of the same title 1984 film. Freddy Krueger was the burned guy that stalked Nancy and friends dream. His face was horrified and he got the sharp clawed glove that can kill a man. He only can kill people when the people is sleeping. The sound effect was pretty good. Whenever come the scene of Freddy Krueger haunted the people, the sound was sudden and scary. Somehow, after a few appearance of Freddy, I don't find him scary anymore. My favourite parts were those killing scenes. They were art but some people will think yucks. One of them was when Kris get killed. Before that her body spun in the air and then the sharp clow cut her body, then all the blood spilt out. Another one was the final scene which Freddy killed Nancy's mom by stick his claw into the eyes. It was shocked and terrified.

Another funny thing I kept telling my friend while watching the movie was the girl wearing non waterproof mascara. So, when she cried due to scare, the eyes looks like panda eyes. Overall, it was not as frightening as I expected. Anyway, you still can catch the movie if you have no idea what is the story about. Probably it will bring you nightmare too. Photobucket

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oLive said...

go for Kidnapper, not bad!

Yih Yann said...

@oLive Thanks for your recommendation, I miss that premiere...aiks

lala said...

the whole scene recreate is so so not
to excited if compare to the 1984 only it is better then 1984 is because the CG effect tat we have nowadays...and the last scene almost funny freddy been pull out to reality is suddenly become stupid and easily get kill..tat the funny part..and if i were the gals i will took freddy hand and hide it some place so without his hand he is nothing ...but this is obvious isn it kakaakak...for another sequel

Yih Yann said...

@lala When the fireman put out the fire, they said no body found. So I can imagine that this is to prepare for the second movie if the movie is selling good. Probably I should find the old version to watchc coz I never watch before.

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