Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perth Trip ~ Day 4(08.08.2009) ~ Margaret River Backpackers

Back to my long abandoned Perth trip, we overnight at Margaret River Backpackers on forth day after long survey on a few hostel around. Three girls stayed in girl's dorm while Daniel alone stayed in guy's dorm. It only cost AU$25 per pax. We were sharing the dorm with another two Taiwanese girls. There were on working holiday. It was kinda a pathetic when I found out that they didn't know the location of Malaysia but they know the location of Singapore. Photobucket

The Margaret River Backpackers

Great place to hang out at night

The living room

You need to pay for Internet access

The kitchen

The dining room

Our dorm-but do you aware the picture a bit misleading?

My bed

After settled down, we had our dinner at Chooks. We bought the 9 pieces of fried chicken plus family chips with only AU$15.

Yum Yum

Photobucket It was a full and delicious dinner. As we knew, the shops in Perth closed very early and there was no such thing like 7elevan shops. Surprisingly we found there was one shop didn't close at this late hour which was drive-in liquor shop. It was kinda opened our eyes because your couldn't find this kind of shop in Malaysia. We enjoyed our beer during the windy cold night.




End of Day 4


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