Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movie Review-Surrogates

Release Date : 8 October 2009--->Watch on 11 October 2009 (Sunday), 12.05am at Cathay Cineplex, E @ Curve
Language : English
Running Time : 1 hour 30 minutes
Director : Jonathan Mostow
Cast : Bruce Willis, James Francis Ginty, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike

My Penny of View : This film was based on comic book series. In 2017, every human was depended on remotely-controlled robotic bodies called Surrogates. Human known as "operator" and they controlled Surrogates in semi-conscious conditions. They just need to plug in and recharge the battery at the end of the day. Human also known as 'meat bag', could choose who they want to be, black or white, woman or man, could have silkily smooth skin, complete with bouncy hair and even your dream body figure or shape. The first objective invention of Surrogates was to help those disabled person to live normally. The company tried to make more profit by introducing more concepts about Surrogates. Human stay at home while their Surrogates will be walking outside and living as normal human. This could be a great idea when war exploded. No human will die in the war and it was only the fighting between robots. Therefore, human will be safe and comfortable because any pain or damage won't be felt by its owner. Therefore, the world is free from fear, pain, crime and discrimination.

Agent Tom was investigate on a murder on the son of inventor of Surrogates. The weapon able to destroy the Surrogates and kill the owner. Along the investigation, Tom's Surrogates damaged and he have to walk out from the house himself to investigate the case. He able to find the source of the weapon and he found out the surprising person behind this murder. In the end, he have chance to terminate all the Surrogates. After consideration, he decided to turn off operation of all Surrogates and all human finally walk out from their own house.

The world of Surrogates can be realistic because currently human has created such robotic technology. It can be useful for those paralyze to live as normal human again and for war purpose because no human being going to scarify in the war. However, the movie try to convey a message is that the dependency on technology can make the relationship between human and family getting apart. The phenomenon getting obvious when you prefer to chat in online chat rooms rather than meeting your friends face to face or get updates from friends over Facebook profiles versus even interacting over the phone. The advance of technology is great in terms of cost and time saving and it can be one of the great tool to keep contact with people that stay far apart. However, when the dependency on technology transform into addiction, we should unplug ourselves from technology and go outside to enjoy the beauty of natural. If not, we will going to lose our humanity.

Rating :


anw4ever99 said...

Nice movie, i will rate 5/5.

Yih Yann said...

--->anw4ever99:There is one weakness about this movie is it has try cram too much into limited time.

fufu said...

damn... i am damn busy right now preparing my jelous you can watch movie... >.<

Yih Yann said...

--->fufu:Mine is small case if compare with your travel experience...write more about your travelling experience :)

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