Thursday, September 24, 2009

Movie Review-Laughing哥之变节(Turning Point)

Release Date : 20 August 2009--->Watch on 29 August 2009 (Saturday), 6pm at Cathay Cineplex, E @ Curve
Language : Cantonese
Running Time : 1 hour 29 minutes
Director : Herman Yau
Cast : Michael Tse, Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Felix Wong

My Penny of View : If you didn't watch the 学警狙击 (EU), you probably have no idea how powerful of this Laughing哥. I bet everyone that watch the EU, you will love Laughing哥 very much because this bad guy was really good in acting. Before I watch this drama, I saw people put a tribute in Facebook for Laughing哥 when he die in the drama. From here, you can see the influence of Laughing哥 was so huge until it has became part of our life.

This movie was made because of the popularity of Laughing哥 in EU. It explained how Laughing哥 became the boss of gangster. He was a cashier at a convenient store and he witnessed how Anthony Wong Chau-Sang saved his life. Therefore, he decided to become gangster. Anthony send Laughing哥 to join the police force to know well about the movement of police. Dramatically, Laughing哥 has been chosen to become undercover cop in order to decrease the criminal rate. Hence, Laughing哥 has become a double agent.

Laughing哥's character just like Andy Lau's character in Internal Affairs. The most interesting part of the movie is the bad guy fully aware of the existence of the mole and giving some criminal news in order the mole can complete his undercover job. I think Internal Affairs is more thrilling because Andy struggles to whitewash his past and cover his true identity. Besides, Michael Tse getting fatter after EU, so it makes his appearance as the boss of gangster in the movie not so frightening. Meanwhile, Anthony Wong's outlook was so outstanding becuase of his eyeliner.

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