Friday, March 13, 2009

UPM Mates Gathering ~ 06.02.2009

Chinese New Year is the season you gather with friends and old school mates. On this day, I went to Sunway Pyramid for UPM-HRD 2006 mates gathering.

The menu

The environment

We have See Ying, Chee Jean, Huey Ying, Ivy, Wai Ken, Hee Onn & Wei Wei joined this dinner gathering. Although most of us were tired because we came right after work but we felt so enjoyable to catch up with each other.

Chee Jean & Huey Ying

Me & Ivy

Bubble tea

Spicy chicken with rice

The spicy chicken and bubble tea I had were tasty and the price was reasonable. They have other fusion food such as western food. It is just located next to Kim Gary Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid.

Nice deco along the way way back

Me & Huey Ying

Photobucket I felt so great meet up with UPM mates. We talked about the old stories and current issues. We seldom have this kind of gathering after graduated because all of us have tight up ourselves with working and own life. I think we should have this kind of gathering every year.


sock peng said...

i just knew u r UPM graduated student

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng : from UPM, graduated in Year 2006, studied Human Resource Development. Are you my senior?

Mr Lonely said...

hi...nice blog... have a look on mine too when free..

Yih Yann said...

--->Mr Lonely : Thanks :)

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