Monday, March 9, 2009

CNY 2009 ~ Penang Trip ~ Part 2

We went back to KL on the third day of CNY. 美丽姐姐 and her husband brought us to eat breakfast then followed by snake temple.

Snake temple

This snake temple became too commercialize. There were just a few snakes and they only allowed people who want to take photo with the snakes go near it.

We went to the 观音殿 behind it to pray.

Before we left...爸爸 blocking me

After we visited 大舅母, we took a small tour in the town before we headed back to KL.

Twin tower condominium, I heard Michelle Yeoh own one of this unit

The Komtar


Famous Cendol Photobucket

Me & Siew Siew at Gurney Drive

Me & 爸爸

Penang Bridge

We have a wonderful trip in Penang and I'm sure 妈妈 wishes to go back every year. Photobucket


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, nice pics of penang. I have always loved Penang and its food.
Nice pics you have here, well taken, and so nice to see the bright sunshine there.

You keep a song in your heart and have a pleasant week. Best regards, Lee.

Yih Yann said...

--->Uncle Lee : Thanks...Penang is a place to gain weight because of the nice food :)

sock peng said...

去吃cendol 有没有走进咖啡店吃laksa?

Peter said...

Hi, nice post :)

Penang is really an amazing historical place to visit in Malaysia. I visited once and feel like visiting again :) All the buildings, temples, architecture.. everything is just amazing ...

I put up some information about Penang Travel Guide in my blog . Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon :)

cheers ...

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