Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dangerous Steamboat Dinner

Yesterday I have met up with See Ying to have steamboat together for dinner. When I arrived, See Ying took a gift to me. It is Jay Chow's new album with the poster. I still receiving birthday present although my birthday has passed almost a month. Thanks to See Ying, Chai Chin, Jou Yee & Pooi Fong. So happy.

Both of us sat down and ordered for food & drinks. We continued chit chatting and meanwhile the soup for the steamboat was boiling.

Suddenly the gas pipe loosed and the fire burned the whole pot of the soup. The table cloth and raw food was burning also. See Ying acted very fast and quickly stood up and left the table. It probably happened too fast and so sudden and I don't know how to react and I just stunt there for a few seconds. After that only I stand up and leave the table.
I feel so lucky that I'm alright but unfortunately See Ying's hair was burned a bit. The boss of the restaurant quickly came and apologized to us but I can feel that See Ying was not satisfied with it.

After everything has been settled down, both of us changed another table to continue our dinner because we lazy to change another place and the boss promised to treat us as apology. I think probably See Ying won't come to this restaurant again in future, it will be her 'the first time and the last time'. Anyway, we have a full dinner.

I hope those who like to eat steamboat be more aware and precautions when you are eating steamboat. Maybe you can double check the gas pipe and make sure the pot is not so near to you. If not something terrible might happen. Don't play play.


sock peng said...

may i know where is this steamboat restaurant ??

luckily not major hurt

Yih Yann said...

One of the restaurant in Bandar Menjalara...I wrote this just to give all of you awareness, actually this restaurant steamboat is good :)

TINTIN said...

omg,..that's dangerous and See Ying hair was burnt a bit sumore...luckily not serious, if the fire is bigger then i cannot imagine what will happen to her face, must becareful when having steamboat next time.

Anne said...

Jesus~~ y so dangerous de.....=(
i think ur friend wil got nightmare~ cuz the hair is burn wor....=(

but hows the expense? is it cheap? y didnt take picture la? so gu hon de...=P

thanks for the advice..but i cant make it...=( u got learn webpage design de ma?? so good de?? =)

Yih Yann said...

I also will think my fren won't go to the same place again.hehe... The price is just a ordinary dinner but mana tau happen such incident.

nYnY_berrY said...

BAN STEAMBOAT!!! eat jogoya !

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