Saturday, October 11, 2008

Singapore Trip-Day 3 (02.10.2008)

This day was my last day in Singapore. Jou Yee only have one day public holiday, so me & See Ying 搞定 ourselves then locked her house door before we went off. We went to Chinatown again to grab some souvenirs and have our breakfast. We almost lost in Chinatown because we forgot which exit to reach the place we went last two days. Finally we found the correct exit and reached a hawker center for breakfast.

This is 炒福建虾面.

After filled up our empty stomach we continue 'lepak' in Chinatown.

The Singapore Heritage Restaurant

Our next destination Takashimaya located in Ngee Ann City.

The decoration

The model of Star Cruise

The actual Star Cruise

When almost time to catch our bus, we took MRT back to Harbour Front.

Waiting area

Goodbye Singapore

With exhausted body, we rest in the bus for 5 hours journey to reach KL.

The lunch

As my friend say, travel in Singapore is using BMW (Bicycle, MRT & Walking). It is very convenient to travel around. Their MRT system is very good because it is on time (not like KTM always late), won't become 'sardin' although there are many people. Secondly is their public toilet. No matter where you go, the toilet is well keep and always have toilet paper (hardly find in Malaysia).

Anyway, I still prefer Malaysia although Singapore is a developed country.


四蚊 Simon said...

of coz u prefer malaysia ..coz u r malaysian

Yih Yann said...

--->四蚊 Simon:Singaporean is such a competitive community that we feel hard to suit ourself

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