Friday, July 11, 2008

Government Tax for Restaurants will be Imposed

Latest news ---> Government going to impose the five per cent government tax only on eateries with an annual RM3 million turnover from July 1, instead of RM500,000 previously. This means that favourite eateries such as mamak restaurants won't have to collect the government tax from customers anymore. 4,135 restaurant outlets which were previously levying the government tax now no longer need to do so, only left 322 restaurants still qualified to collect the tax. \\(^0^)//

Government take this action is "returning" some RM500 million into the pockets of people who eat at restaurants. This was indeed a relief for both consumers and food retailers. The service tax exemption will lighten the burden of the people, specifically those from the middle-income group who frequent our restaurants. Is this shows that the government is sensitive to the needs of the people?

Although when you read this news it might be a good news, but I think the government always like to relief a burden and on the other hand will put another burden to people like the petrol issue. (@_@) Hopefully they will announce name of the restaurants in order we can become a smart consumer.


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