Saturday, July 5, 2008


After 12 hours sleep, I have 恢复精神. Yesterday my throat was killing me, even swallow saliva also want 拿了我的命. Today my throat still have a bit pain, hopefuly after take the RM45 medicine can cure tomorrow. The medicine is dam expensive o but it is very strong because only can take once per day.

This morning take breakfast with papa, mama, yin yin & xiao jie at Restaurant 一家. I only can take 清汤面. But today I feel the 清汤面 is so tasty, maybe because my throat not as pain as yesterday and I really appreciate that I can taste the food.

When reach home, I quickly cook barli with green bean because this recipe can 清热. Dam nice ooo...Today is a relaxing day, hopefully my throat can cure by tomorrow because sick really make me feel unernegetic. Why must cure by tomorrow because I will go kai kai tomorrow. Yeah! \\(^0^)//


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