Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank You 拔刀相助的路人!

This day I went to Klang (a place I very unfamiliar) for training. I able to find the way to the destination, then I was so proud of myself because first time there and I didn't lost so much. During the training, I try to figure the way back. In my mind, if I follow the opposite direction the way I came, then I should be able to find the way back. Yeah!

On the way back, I took my map and drove the opposite road, hopefully can reach home earlier. So I drove and reached the traffic light, they have closed the road and I can't go straight, only turn left. I was so panic but I can't just stopped the car there, so I must follow the existing road. Then I turn and turn still came out the same junction. I have made three times U-turn but still can't find the way out. I was so scare because I totally unfamiliar with the place. So I stopped in front of Mydin, then I saw a family was packing things to put inside the car. I quickly stop my car, took off the car key and my belongings with map, hopefully they willing to tell me the way out. They looked at the map and try very hard to explain to me. In the end, they said they want to drive and show me the way out because they also used the same highway to Shah Alam. I was so happy and feel so grateful because they were so helpful. I followed and followed then finally came to the highway that I familiar

Nowadays, our society has lost the attitude to reach out for those in need due to too many social problems happened in our country. We need to be careful but when you met someone looking for help, I still hope everyone can

路见不平, 拔刀相助!


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