Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stranger Friendly

Want to be someone that a stranger would like to make friends with? Then make an effort to:
  1. Ask about their life and interests-talking about the latest film you have seen is often a good way to get conversation started.

  2. Withhold some of your life story. If you share it all the first week, you may come across as too intense - and in a few hours you will have radically reduced your number of talking points.

  3. Listen, don't just talk - it will make the other person feel as if you find them interesting.

  4. Make an effort to accept invitations, even if you feel a little uptight about going somewhere alone.

  5. Call a second time if your first phone message wasn't returned - maybe the person is shy or has been busy. Use the excuse that your voicemail has played up and you have six messages you can't retrieve - was their one of them?

  6. Smile - it will set a nice warm vibe and help you feel more confident.

  7. Be positive - even if you are feeling down - otherwise you might give the impression you are after an agony aunt rather than a friend.

  8. Let the person know you have enjoyed their company - that way they will be clear you like them and want to pursue a friendship. This can be done by calling or sending an email to say "Thanks, I had a good time and would love to catch up again."

"No matter how wide your social circle there is plenty to gain from making new friends."


Kidswee said...

lie...u never treat so good to me before...

Yih Yann said...

@Kidswee You treat me not good ffk

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