Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nuffnang Screening-Frankenweenie(3D)

Thanks to Nuffnang for free tickets.


Release Date: 25 Oct 2012--->Watch on 23 October 2012 (Tuesday), 9pm at GSC, Tropicana City Mall
Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese / Malay
Genre: Animation/ Comedy
Running Time: 87 minutes
Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara

My Penny of View: Victor Frankenstein lived in a small town with his parents and his dog, Sparky. He was a science and movie freak. He didn't have any friends except Sparky. One day, when Victor was playing a baseball game, Sparky ran for the ball and hit by a car. Sparky died and Victor was so sad. Victor was inspired by his science teacher about how electricity can stimulate the dead frog, he dug out Sparky's corpse and successfully made it alive using lighting. It still the old Sparky that he loved. Unfortunately Sparky was spotted by Victor's classmate, Edgar and he threaten Victor to teach him how to raise the dead, but the result ended differently if compared with Sparky. What is happening? Will Sparky stay on alive with Victor later on?

This is my first 3D black and white movie on the big screen. Tim Burton always like to give surprise to the audiences, so this is definitely something fresh and different with ordinary animation. This movie is a remake of a short film by Tim Burton back to 1984. He has special charm on every of his movie and he makes unique movies. The movie is about a lonely boy and his dog. Death separates them apart but the smart Victor raises Sparky alive from dead. Sparky also saves Victor's life when he is in dangerous. Even it's don't have any colors but it is such a heart warming story. However, not much of 3D effects. So, remember this is a black and white movie, don't ask your movie partner, "Do you see any color?"

Rating : ★★★☆☆


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