Wednesday, June 13, 2012

National Achievers Congress 2012

National Achievers Congress 2012 was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 29-31 May 2012. I was lucky to win a Gold ticket from Popular Book. Photobucket

Why I was attracted by this event? It was because of Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Money is never enough but working for people for the whole life won't get you out from the life of paying taxes and bills. Definition of rich should be someone who has sustainable cash flow and valuable assets. Investment is not a gambling if you have done your homework and keep on practicing. Money is never enough. Photobucket


There were 15 speakers for the three full days event. The topics were most related to investment and motivation. Sometimes you will feel motivated by these great speakers. This year Robert Kiyosaki attended the event with his wife, Kim Kiyosaki. The chemistry between Robert and Kim was great and they demonstrated the easiest way to earn from real estate property but I still find it quite confusing. Photobucket Anyway, listen to people's experience and put effort to study will get what you want. Practice makes perfect but first let's gather some capital.

I captured a funny moment of Robert and Kim. Previously, I heard when two persons be together for very long time, they will imitate each other unconsciously. Both of them have the same presentation pattern. Obviously they are a loving couple. I wish to listen to Robert's talk again.



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