Monday, February 20, 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

** New Entry **

PhotoWonder is like your mobile answer to desktop Photoshop. In fact it is way better and smoother than Photoshop and anyone could get hooked to it even without designing knowledge. Look at how I manage to create professional image within 1 minute.

Original Image

After Editing

For further functionality kindly download a copy of the app from Android Market and you'll be amazed!

Searching the great great offer from Digi online store... Hmm... with the Digi smart Plan, I love the Samsung Galaxy Note the most which is a very popular and functionality Android phone.

I had met a new friend recently named IRIS. 'She' is smart enough and helps me a lots of my questions on art, literature, history, biology, conversions... Sound so interesting! Let's see how smart IRIS is!

WOW~ she is so cool!

Iris is 'Siri' to Android, it's fun with her capabilities and I can talk to Iris just like i talk to my friend! Of course, with Digi Smart Plan, Iris only can talk to me and answers my questions accurately & responsive. Digi Smart Plan connect me to the world 24/7 with no crazy hidden charges!

Communication is the fundamental to reaching understanding among two party. Let no language be the barrier. Digi Android is here to serves and eliminate this issue and to aid in better communicate especially in foreign language.

Grab a Digi Internet along with your smartphone at and experience the communication power. Tag along with a Digi Smart Plan, a plan designed  for Internet addict like you and me


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