Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nuffnang Screening-Apollo 18

Thanks to Nuffnang for the free movie.


Release Date : 09 September 2011--->Watch on 07 September 2011 (Wednesday), 9pm at TGV, KLCC
Language : English
Genre : Thriller / Science Fiction / Horror
Running Time : 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Director : Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
Cast : Lloyd Owen, Warren Christie

My Penny of View : This movie was about the documentary of Apollo 18 mission to the moon. Walker, Grey and Anderson were sent to the moon to collect moon rocks sample and also place the alert detectors for national security. Grey remained orbit while Walker and Anderson landed on the moon. Both of the well-trained astronauts were in the mid of completing the mission and collecting some moon rocks. While they were attempting to sleep, the camera inside the space shuttle captured the moon rocks were moving and they heard strange noise outside. On the next day, they continued their mission and they discovered footprints and led them to a Soviet lander. They found that the lander still functioning but with blood stain all over. Later, Anderson found a dead astronaut nearby. What exactly happen on the moon? Will Walker and Anderson manage to go back to earth safely?

This is a low budget movie with only 3 actors. The 90 minutes try to create uncertainty, fear and suspicious to audiences. Just like Paranormal Activity, it was recordings but taking place on the moon. Of cause Paranormal Activity is way much better than this movie. You must have high curiosity to remain seated in the cinema hall. Try to act very into the movie so you won't feel the 90 minutes is long. So, what exactly attacking them? It just the space spiders that can turn into moon rocks when remain still. I'm telling you guys here because I don't want you guys waste money to watch it in cinema. Nothing special, unless you want to get bored.

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