Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Review-Final Destination 5

Thanks to an old friend for movie treat.


Release Date : 25 August 2011--->Watch on 30 August 2011 (Tuesday), 8.55pm at GSC, Tropicana City Mall
Language : English
Genre : Horror
Running Time : 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Director : Steven Quale
Cast : Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, P.J. Byrne, David Koechner

My Penny of View : The movie started with a bunch of staffs were on company retreat. They were heading to their destination by a bus and they passed by a renovating bridge. One of the co-workers, Sam suddenly has vision that the bridge is going to collapse when the bus pass through. Everyone on the bus die in the horrible way. Later, Sam quickly urged everybody to leave the bus after he saw the similar signs of the vision. Sam brought Molly to leave the buss and Peter, Candice, Olivia, Nathan, Isaac, and Dennis followed. After that, the bridge collapsed and the rest of the co-workers died. During the memorial ceremony, a coroner approached them and mentioned that they have cheated Death. Even they managed to escape from the tragic, Death still come for them. All of them ignored the warnings and moved on their life. What will happen to the survivors? Are they manage to escape from Death?

Final Destination series always is one of the favorite popcorn movies. If you are following every Final Destination films, you will know the chronological of the film. It's so easy as ABC. First, a person has vision of frightening tragic. Then, he or she will give warning and there will be some followers. A bunch of people manage to escape and they thought they going to live happily ever after. Who knows Death still come for them. Later, one by one will die in terrible and shocking way. Sound boring, right? I can tell you this film is definitely out of your expectations. There were many surprises in the ways that the survivors died. Therefore, audiences were so busy guessing how the people will die. The last film was too meaty while for this movie, the people die in artistic way. I quite admire the creativity of the production team. This movie is before event of the first Final Destination.

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