Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Review-Despicable Me


Release Date : 8 July 2010--->Watch on 16 July 2010 (Friday), 9pm at GSC, Mid Valley
Language : English
Subtitle : Malay, Chinese
Genre : Animation
Running Time : 1 hour 40 minutes
Director : Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin
Cast : Steve Carell, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher, Jason Segel, Ken Jeong, Miranda Cosgrove

My Penny of View : Story began with a bunch of tourists arrived at the Great Pyramid in Egypt and a boy accidentally fell on it and therefore discovered that it has been stolen. The news shocked the world. In the middle of neighborhood, there live a supervillain, Gru with his army of naughty genetically-altered corn pop minions. When he knew that the Great Pyramid has been stolen, he came out with another idea-steal the moon to raise his pride. He went to Bank of Evil to get a loan for his project. He met Vector and he got to know that Vector was the one who stole the Great Pyramid. The bank refused to approve his loan until he get the shrink ray which was part of his plan. Gru and his minions stole the shrink ray from lab and Vector quickly stole it from Gru. Gru tried to get back the shrink ray but failed. Suddenly, he saw three orphans-Margo, Edith and Agnes easily went into Vector's territory and sold cookies to Vector. Gru came up an idea which was to adopt the three orphans and replace some of the cookies with cookies robots to steal back the shrink ray. Will his steal the moon plan succeed? How about his relationship with Margo, Edith and Agnes?

The story was original but not until make you tear uncontrollably if compare with Toy Story 3. It still thoughtful and family-friendly with its own surprise action sequences which carefully crafted into the movie. Gru has transformed from SuperBad to SuperDad. Gru thought he can use the three girls to achieve his plan but in the end the three girls changed him. Although I'm not watching 3D but I can say nowadays the animation really good and you can see the high dimension effect.

What make me memorable about this movie? Not the story, nor the animation or the effects, but those crazy yellow coloured minions who worked for Gru, uniformed completely with safety goggles and possess a certain degree of comedy. Remember to stay back for the final scene after show, it was funny.

Rating :


ken said...

i enjoyed it! really funny! =D

Yih Yann said...

@ken I laughed the throughout the whole show :)

lala said...

not only funny
is the essence of real 3D
with the minion try to move
to the edge to reach u with
3D this artwork is exceptional

Yih Yann said...

@lala This month I'm a bit poor for 3D movie, dunno got people will like to treat me to watch again or not :P

lala said...

give me ur time and maybe i consider it kekekeekekeke...

Yih Yann said...

@lala Okok...

lala said...

so? wat say u kekeke..

Yih Yann said...

@lala Hmm...let me check my organizor first :P

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