Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nuffnang Screening-Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Thanks to Nuffnang and Mister Potato for the screening.


Release Date : 27 May 2010--->Watch on 27 May 2010 (Thursday), 9.30pm at Cathay, E@Curve
Language : English
Genre : Action, Adventure
Running Time : 1 hour 58 minutes
Director : Mike Newell
Cast : Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton

My Penny of View : The film was based on video game in year 2003. The story began with Dastan, a street urchin who showed his courage in the market place and the action has attracted Persia King's attention. The King liked Dastan so much and he adopted him although he has two kids. Therefore, Dastan grew up as part of the royal family with "no royal blood and no eye for the throne". Dastan with his brothers came to attack the City of Purity as they have the inner news that the city providing weapons to their enemy. Dastan managed to open the main gate and able to conquer the city. While they were celebrating the victory, the King of Persia came to join the feast. Dastan presented the robe prepared by his elder brother to the King as gift. Suddenly, the robe burned out and the King burned until died. Dastan became the common enemy of the Persia and everyone went after him. Dastan met Princess Tamina and she asked Dastan bring her along as she knew the route go out from the city. Actually the motive behind that was Princess Tamina wanted to keep track of the dagger that accidentally took by Dastan. What is the story behind the mystery dagger? Will Dastan able to find out the truth behind the death of King?

Both of the main actor and actress were charming and their acting was pretty good. Our hero has to overcome his jealousy brothers, his rivals and also the feisty princess. You never feel boring throughout the movie, as it showed action after action. With the special computer effect, the sand buffering around with thick orange tinge in the film. The special effects here made time travel look good from a visual perspective. On the other hand, our heroin with sexy lip and body figure always seems so seductive. I think the Prince of Persia took too long time to kiss her. The movie was exciting as they keep chasing by the soldiers and assassins and there was a lot of fighting scenes too. Besides, there were many funny scenes too. One of them was the ostrich race. Man was sitting on the ostrich and sees which ostrich be the first to arrive final line.

I was enjoying myself and I kept thinking what will I do if I have the dagger? Which moment of my life that I will choose to turn time back? It’s quite hard to figure out which part of my life that I want to choose because we should look forward for our future life. I believe every pieces of my life or every people I met is connecting to each other as it will bring destiny. No matter happy or sad, it just spice of life because we can’t always have smooth life. Sometimes, when we fall down, it will help us grow up and learn from mistake. Probably I will keep the dagger until I face death issue of the love one.

Rating :

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lala said...

i want free screening too..to fuel up my appetite for movie craving...

anyhow overall is good but with all the present jargon keep popping out from actor mouth it render kinda surreal to me...issue and word of tax, government,covert ops, time distortion...make it so fake

apart of tat is quite ok but the plot are not twist enough cause i already can guess who are the one who murder his father...

ben kingley should be wicked tat this is all too easy..sigh...hope for jerry to come with better and mature production instead of creating something just to pay homage for a game sake..

double sigh...

Yih Yann said...

@lala Ya...agree with you but somehow it's still entertaining because of the computer effect.

~Blabberina~ said...

yeah-surprisingly entertaining.thought it will be like the usual book/game-into-movie

i went to the screening as well =)

Yih Yann said...

@~Blabberina~ The handsome guy and sexy gal spice up the movie :D

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