Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eamon's Birthday 2010 at Deutsches Gasthaus 5

On 19.03.2010 (Friday), we were celebrating Eamon's birthday at Deutsches Gasthaus 5 after steamboat dinner at Bandar Menjalara. Deutsches Gasthaus 5 is new place to hang out and this is their 5th branch. We went there for drinks only. I personally think that the service is good because they tried their best to hold the table and the chef is nice too although we didn't eat anything. They are having all day long happy hour promotion for the new opening.

Beautiful lamp



Mr Hoe-Hoe-Hoegaarden


Berry & me

Green tea cake from San Teri-delicious

Eamon with his birthday cake

Alfred, JC, Eamon, Berry, me and Daniel

We were having fun hung out at this new place. Unfortunately an accident happened on Eamon when he was on the way to the restaurant. He parked his car nicely but he fell into a big hole right after he came out from the car. It was 10 pm and he only can seek for medical at those 24 hours clinic. He got early presents-5 stitches and 3 days MC.

I hope the small accident happened is to help him reconcile the big accident. He will going to have a good year with pink of health. Photobucket

All the photos are from Berry's camera due to limitation of my camera. Photobucket


sock peng said...

看来你会喝酒, 对吗?

Yih Yann said...

@sock peng Not really...I will easily 'wink wink' after max 2 pints of beer

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