Sunday, March 21, 2010

8th Day of CNY-UPM Gathering

Chinese New Year always is the season for gathering with old buddies. On the 8th day of Chinese New Year, I went to SY' house for UPM gathering. We had lunch together and hang around at SY's house.

SY's dog posting to let me shoot him

All the attendees

Ginger Steam Africa Fish

Tepanyaki Tou Fu

Thai Style Crispy Chicken

Spicy Vegetables

Yam with Chicken

Photobucket After the full lunch, we went back to SY's house for chit-chatting and gambling.

Camwhore while gambling

Jean given Facebook tutorial

We having great time gathered together and busybody tracking the updates of other coursemates. Facebook did a great job in linkage of people you seldom meet. Photobucket


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