Monday, February 15, 2010

15 Malaysia-Rojak!

Synopsis : A Rojak seller’s take on Malaysia’s multi-faceted social political tapestry. Made entirely with CGI special effects. Visually stunning.

Principal Cast : Joseph Anthony, Masta K (Narrator)
Supporting Cast : Mussadique Suleiman, Jordan Suleiman, Yasmin Suleiman, Rosli Mahmood, Ashrel, Leena Shah, Afiq Shahrim, Andy Saiden, Gopi, Khairil M. Bahar, CIPLAK, Edna Tan, Arul Rahim, Dawn Cheong, Jay Delancy, Akin, Zaim Zulkarnain, Johan Garcia, Raisa Fatima, Louis Dorall, Pugly
Executive Producer : Packet One Networks
Producer : Pete Teo
Director : Suleiman Brothers
DOP : Mussadique Suleiman
Art Director : Bulma, Rosli Mahmood
Music : Ryo Leang, The Factory Music Studio
Post Video : Studio Voxel
Post Audio : Yusof Han, The Factory Music Studio, The Ark Studios
Translation : Copyleft Studio


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