Friday, October 2, 2009

Perth Trip ~ Day 2(06.08.2009) ~ Old Firestation Backpackers

We had a great day on Rottnest Island and delicious dinner at Kailis' Fish Market Cafe. Then it was time to find place for rest. We drove our car around the Fremantle and did some price comparison because we were on budgeted travelling. In the end, we found the most reasonable pricing hostel-Old Firestation Backpackers.

We stayed in 5-bed dorm and the price was AU$27 per person. It provided many facilities such as internet 24 hours, Sony Playstation 2's, outdoor cinema (with all Foxtel Sports Channels), tea & coffee, bed linen, car parking, juke box, kitchen lockers, pool table and table tennis, all was free of charge.

The living room

The pool table

Free internet for searching travel info Photobucket

You can cook in this kitchen

We stay in this dorm

No key required, you just need to memorize the code

The double decker

Bed linen together with dining set

Cute graphic on the wall

Overall, this hostel was satisfied especially there was free internet provided. We stayed here for 3 nights. However, there was one weakness about this accommodation was the lights in female bath room has timer, so the lights will automatically turn off. It kinda scared us when we taking shower on our first night. Photobucket

End of Day 2


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