Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunch at Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau

During this wonderful day, we planned to stop by Ipoh for lunch when on the way back from Bukit Mertajam to KL. We were so excited when we saw the sign board showed Ipoh and turned in. We were not familiar with this place and 爸爸 said we stopped at which ever shop or restaurant that is full of people. We turned and turned but still can't find any restaurant. We almost gave up and we have made up our mind to eat McDonald. Then suddenly we saw this restaurant that selling food that we looking for. We not sure it's delicious or not, we just stepped in because this restaurant was full of customers compared with the opposite shop that selling the same thing.

The sign board

The workers are busy preparing food

白斩鸡 Photobucket

Tauge and meat ball Photobucket

Photobucket Actually it wasn't lunch hour when we reached this restaurant, but yet there were so many people eating in this restaurant (one of Malaysian culture-whatever time there will be people eating in restaurant). They served the food and drinks fast with good service. Maybe because this restaurant is run by young adult. Then the food is delicious. You can choose either kue tiau or oily rice to eat with the 白斩鸡. I'm recommend this shop to you all but I can't tell the exact location because we were lost. One thing I know it was located at the Ipoh town. Photobucket


Xweing said...

I've eaten here since I was 8 years old. Last time they only open at 6pm. Nowadays economy no good, they open during lunch time ady... sighz...

Lou Wong more oily, nowadays I switch to Ipoh Garden nga choy kai.

sock peng said...


Yih Yann said...

--->Xweing:Yalo...people change the way the do business in different situation. You look familiar...do we know each other?

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng:Ahh...very kong bu oooo

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