Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Book Review - Twilight

Author : Stephenie Meyer
Language : English
Genre(s) : Young adult, Fantasy, Romance
Publisher : Little, Brown
Publication date : October 5, 2005

My Penny of View : Remember my previous post on Movie Review-Twilight? Siew Siew bought the Twilight book and the New Moon from Borders due to good promotion. This movie triggers me to read this 500 pages novel.

The book began with Bella Swan who moved from Phoenix to Forks, so that she can live with her father, Charlie. In school, there were a charming family-Cullen who was outstanding and attractive. Bella caught Edward on her eye and Edward seems to have the unusual reaction towards Bella. He even attempted to change his schedule to avoid her. This made Bella more curious about him and she found out the story behind this Cullen family. Bella concluded that Edward and his family are vampires. Eventually, after the hard struggling, Bella and Edward fell in love with each other. The high tide of the book was when the vampire tracker-James who seeks to hunt Bella. Edward loved Bella so much and he together with his family found ways to rescue Bella. James persuaded Bella to meet him alone by claiming he had her mom in hand, so that he can taste her blood. Bella surrendered herself, James attacked and bit her. Edward and other Cullens came on time to rescue Bella. Edward sucked the venom out from Bella's hand before the venom transformed her into a vampire and sent her to a hospital. The story ended with a happy ending. Bella expressed her desire to become a vampire but Edward rejected her.

The movie adopted exactly the same from the novel. The movie only managed to present the important scene due to limited film. The characters followed every descriptions from the book. This book is well-written and the language used is easy to understand (my English standard is not so high). This is a romance plus vampire story. I think it try to send a message to all of us saying that love is blind even though he is a dangerous vampire. We should accept every weakness if you really love the person. This novel is a series, so will Bella turn into vampire in the next book?

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