Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bangkok Trip~Day 2(15.01.2009) ~ Grand Pearl Cruise

Photobucket The weather when we visited Ayutthaya was cold and windy. After the long walk, all of us were starving and wished to have nice place to have our lunch. This Ayutthaya trip included a buffet lunch on a cruise - Grand Pearl. This cruise will bring us back to Bangkok.

This was the cruise we took

Our food was served over there

Young coconut

Tom Yam Kung-not until the standard I expected

The dishes

Fruits & desserts

Photobucket After the full lunch, I was so relaxing lay on the couch and thought want to have a short nap. Just about 30 minutes later, a waitress served me tea break-coffee with muffin. My stomach was full of food and felt like want to burst. Then I walked out from the restaurant to enjoy the sea view. I wished to take a lot of nice sea view but my camera was run out of battery. Luckily I went to this trip with friends that like to take photo too. Photobucket

Cold & sunny day

Boat taxi

Looks like Penang Bridge

Grand Palace

I thought this is Sirocco building which the Sky Bar located

This is the correct Sirocco building that I will go

I have a great experience in Ayutthaya and cruise. We are going to a special restaurant to have our dinner and hang out at Sky Bar before the day end.

To be continued...


Bangkok Hotels said...

Wow, there are many 5 star hotel on Chopray Road. I know that traveler can take public boat to go to Kaosarn Road. I think that Kaosarn Road is good for young travellers. Around the street, there are a number of old buildings and temples, some of which have been transformed into restaurants and even tattoo parlours, although you will still find quiet family homes if you look deep enough. Aside from some interesting architecture, Banglampoo shows the mix of peoples and heritages that is the character of Bangkok.

Yih Yann said...

--->Bangkok Hotels:Thanks for your info. I love to go back again to Bangkok again one day.

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