Monday, September 8, 2008

Movie Review


Release Date : 28 August 2008--->Watch on 7 September 2008 (Sunday), 11.30am at TGV, Jusco Kepong
Language : Mandarin
Classification : U
Running Time : 2 hours 5 minutes
Director : Jack Neo
Cast : Henry Thia, Jack Neo, Mark Lee

My Opinion : I really looking forward for this movie. You will be more understand the real life of Singaporean. This is a great movie but it got a lot of critics from Singaporean. As usual, Jack Neo's movie is very realistic, humour and full of morale value with additional a number of computer based effects to bring to us... Formula 1!!! For this lot, "Money No Enough" is definitely not enough. Money is 不是万能 but no money is 万万不能. When a person is rich, we will ignore the important of family and thought that money can fulfill the need of our parents. We only will realize the impotency of family when we are in trouble and looking for help. The scenario in the movie is happening around us. We probably won't realize, maybe we will act exactly the same when we facing the same issue. I feel so touch when I listen to the Hokkien song. It sound something like - When a mother take care of the children, she won't bother the pain; when the children take care of the mother, they so 斤斤计较. This sentence is very meaningful. We can be rich and successful person but if there is nobody is there to share the happiness with you, you are definitely 'poor'.

Overall, this is one of the better Jack Neo's movies and one that is worth your time and money. The entire movie is generally more logical and engaging, the plot and acting sequences, more realistic, and the humour, less dumb if compare to those movie such as Scary Movie. It really worth for spending the 2 hours in the cinema.

Rating :

Here’s the movie trailer for those not yet watch:









Kenshiboi said...

Thx for supporting this movie, i realli find it touching and meaningful. And thx for viewing my blog too...

michy said...

when you say classification is U, what age group can watch it?

Yih Yann said...

@Kenshiboi I'm into Jack Neo's movies

Yih Yann said...

@michy It means everyone can watch it...

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