Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest


The Nuffnang gift ideas has been extended to 19th August 2008 plus the First Prize has been changed to RM 2000! So it's still not late for me to submit my ideas of gift for those important persons in my life.

I will like to give an Apple iPod Classic (160GB) to my the only one sister, Siew Siew. Why she needs this? She is a trendy person and she likes to listen music. Currently she needs to take train to work, so she can spend her long hour travel journey using this Apple iPod.

Secondly, I will like to give my 爸爸 a Philips Basic Coffee Maker. Why he needs this? He is a coffee lover and coffee will synergize him. Then only he has energy send 妈妈 go market and Siew Siew go train station.

Last but not least, I will like to give OSIM uPapa Back Massager to my 妈妈. Why give 妈妈 but not 爸爸? Although my 妈妈 is just a normal housewife, but everyday she needs to do all the housework and I noticed she become thinner. My friend told me this is an unhealthy symptom. I really worry about her and hope this massager can release her tension and tiredness.


jezza said...

RealMart seems to carry lots of different products. Will need to shop there more often.

Yih Yann said...

@jezza Ya...try to win it oso

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