Sunday, June 8, 2008

Keep It to Yourself

  1. r Don't say: "I'm still hung over from the party I went to last night."
    a Do say: "I came down with a virus on the weekend and I'm still feeling under the weather."
  2. r Don't say: "When I first met you I thought you were pompous and difficult but I was wrong - you do know how to laugh."
    aDo say: "The more I get to know you the more I enjoy your great sense of humour."
  3. r Don't say: "I'm sorry I'm late, I overslept."
    a Do say: "I'm terribly sorry I'm late - I witnessed an accident on the way to work and felt I should do the right thing and stop to give the police my account of what happened."
  4. r Don't say: "I wont's have the report finished in time."
    a Do say: "The report is finished but I'm just double checked
  5. r Don't say: "I can't stay back because I'm meeting my friend for dinner."
    a Do say: "I'd stay back, but my sister is very ill and she's asked me to go over and look after her."
  6. r Don't say: "It's so unfair - you expect me to do the job of two people."
    a Do say: "It's been an enjoyable challenge trying to to the job of two people, but in order to do my work properly I'll need a more practical workload or the assistance of a co-worker."
  7. r Don't say: "That's not what the client asked me to do - I'm sure because I was taking notes."
    a Do say: "Unfortunately we appear to have had a communication the notes I took down, what is the new directive?"
  8. r Don't say: "Why does he have a better office or computer than me?"
    a Do say: "How can I prove to you that I deserve a better office / computer?"
  9. r Don't say: "I'm so sorry - I forget to reply your email."
    a Do say: "I've been having computer problems - so I haven't received all my emails - could I trouble you to give the message to me verbally.

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People judge others on what they see, so if some one's being difficult, give them a reason to like you.


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