Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to spot an ENEMY?

Not sure if that woman in your social circle is talking you down behind your back? She's likely to be an enemy if she :

  • Leaves the room whenever you arrive.
  • Often makes sarcastic comments about something you've said.
  • Invites everyone in your group except you to a get-together at her place.
  • Giggles viciously smile while looking in your direction.
  • Never says "hello".
  • Plays at not remembering your name - as though you've never met before.
  • Avoids eye contact and never smiles at you.
  • Has said something very bitchy about you behind your back that has filtered back to you through friends.
  • Changes the topic of conversation the millisecond as you come over - as though she has been saying something unkind about you.
  • Makes a big show of being talkative to your girlfriends while ignoring you.
  • Pretends she doesn't see you if you pass by each other in the shopping mall.


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