Sunday, May 25, 2008

Are you in the RIGHT job?

Some simple questions to ask yourself to get the answer:

1. Do you look forward to going to work everyday? The right job has your feeling eager to get into the office everyday. Anything less means that it is not getting your 100%

2. Do you feel energised (most of the time) by what you do? Someone who doesn't enjoy what they do is lethargic, dispirited and glum (think government department lo)

3. Do you feel that your contribution in respected and appreciated? Although you love your job, your company or organization may be letting you down (motivation going down).

4. Do you feel proud when describing your work to others? An easy way to tell whether someone loves something is the way their eyes light up when talking about it. If you rather not to talk about what you are doing then you have no business doing it.

5. Do you enjoy and respect the people you work with? People who dislike their jobs are easy to spot: They are friendless, nasty and trouble-making. Does this describe you now?

6. Do you feel optimistic about your future? People who enjoy their work know that they will carve a name for themselves and positive about their future. If you can't see a bright future for yourself, don't expect anyone else to.

Well...these are some very simples questions you may need to calm down and think about it. There is no free lunch in this realistic world. Everything need to work very hard to be succeed. The future is your hand. Good luck!


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